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Caitriona's Chocolate Biscuits

8 oz. Butter
8 oz. Self Raising Flour
4 oz. Castor Sugar
2 oz. Cocoa Powder
1 tsp. Vanilla EssenceSoften the butter by leaving it out of the fridge or defrosting it a little in the microwave (watch it carefully, you do not want it to melt, just to be workable)
Beat this by hand or with an electric beater with the sugar and the essence until it creamy and light.
Sieve the flour and cocoa together and incorporate this gradually into the mixture until you have an even paste.
Set the oven to Gas 4, 175C, 350 F.
Butter a baking tray.
With floured hands divide the dough into walnut sized pieces.
Flatten these and lay them seperately on the buttered tray.
(Leave lots of space between them as they spread).
Dip a fork in water and flatten each biscuit further on the tray.
Bake at the set temp. for 12 mts.
Lift them carefully off the tray with a palette knife or fish slice and let them cool on a wire rack.
Pack them carefully in air tight tins.

April 14, 2006 09:11 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef