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Summer Pudding

1 lb. Raspberries
8 oz. Red Currants
8 oz. Black Currants
4 oz. Caster Sugar
9 slices White Bread

10 oz. Cream
You will need a 1lb. Pudding Basin

Get a large white unsliced loaf and slice off 9 fairly thick slices.
Remove the crusts.
Use a fork to take the currants off their stems and put them with the raspberries and the sugar in a bowl in the microwave.
Put them on full for 2 mts on high (the currants should be just beginning to burst and release their juices).
You could also cook them in 3 oz. of water on a low heat for roughly the same time.
Cut one slice of bread into a circle to cover the bottom of the bowl and cut the remaining slices into triangles and position them around the bowl to line it completely on one layer.
(If you end up with any gaps cut pieces to fit.)
Spoon in the fruit and the juices carefully and then cover the top completely with more bread cutting to fit.
Put this onto another plate to catch any drips, put a small plate on top (roughly the size of the top of the bowl) and a weight on top (a tin of beans will do).
Put this into the fridge overnight.
To serve, carefully slip a knife between the plate and the bread to release and then put a deep plate on top.
Invert the bowl carefully on to the plate.
(You may have to give the bowl a little shake to release it).

Whip the cream very lightly just to thicken it and serve on the side.

April 14, 2006 09:11 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef