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Avocado Salsa

2 Ripe Avocados
3 Small Courgettes (8 oz. approx)
1 lb. Vine Tomatoes
2 Red Peppers
1 Fresh Red Chilli
2 Cloves Garlic
1 tablespoon Honey
Juice of 1 Lemon
Salt and Black Pepper

Bring a pot of water to the boil and plunge in the Tomatoes.
As soon as they come back to the boil put them under the cold tap and run this on them until they are cool enough to handle.
Peel off the skins and then divide them in four.
Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and discard them.
Chop the remaining tomato flesh into small dice and put into a bowl.
Put on the grill to full, halve the peppers and grill them skin side up until the skin blackens and blisters.
Run these under a cold tap to remove all traces of skin and then chop into small dice.
Mix with the tomatoes.
Chop the courgettes into similar sized pieces and add them to the mixture.
Slice the chilli along the length and rinse to remove all the seeds.
Chop the flesh as finely as you can and add to the salad.
Whisk together the honey and lemon juice, crush the Garlic and add this then season with salt and pepper.
Using a sharp knife peel the avocado and remove the stone.
Cut the flesh into little cubes and add to the salsa.
Immediately dress the salsa with the lemon dressing to stop the avocado going brown.
This can be served as a starter, a side salad, or as a filler for pitta sandwiches.

April 14, 2006 09:11 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef