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Bacon and Parmesan Fougasse

1lb. 5oz. Strong Flour
1 pkt. Yeast
Pinch Salt
4 Rashers Streaky Bacon
3 oz. fresh Parmesan (or West Cork Gabriel)
10 oz. warm water
2 tbs. Olive Oil
Maldon Sea Salt for Top

Take the rinds from the bacon - if necessary - and chop into small slivers.
Fry these in a pan with a little olive oil until crisp.
Put to one side.
Put flour yeast and salt into Magimix with plastic mixer and mix together.
Add water and oil and mix (quickly) to a dough.
Tip out on to a floured board and knead briefly just to bind.
Using your hand flatten the dough out to a rectangle and sprinkle over the cooked rashers.
Cut the parmesan into little cubes and sprinkle these over the bacon.
Fold over the dough to cover this stuffing and again flatten it out into a rectangle roughly the size of a swiss roll tin.
Press into a well oiled swiss roll tin and leave for one hour in a warm place to rise.
Slash the top with a sharp knife, paint with olive oil and sprinkle over Maldon salt and leave for another 10 mts for the slashes to grow apart.
Bake at Gas 5 190 C 375 F for 15 mts and then take out of oven and slip out of the tin and put in again for 4 to 5 mts to crisp the base.
Cool on a rack.

April 14, 2006 09:11 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef