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Picnic Sandwiches

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato.

(for 4 sandwiches)

8 rashers of smoked streaky Bacon.
8 slices white bread (preferably cut freshly from a large pan)
Some soft butter
2 tbs. Mayonnaise
1 head Cos Lettuce
4 large Vine Tomatoes
Black Pepper and a sprinkle of Balsamic Vinegar.

First grill the rashers, grill until very crisp - this is the whole point of the sandwich.
Cut the bread thinly but not as thin as a sliced pan.
Soften the butter (a brief blast at defrost in the microwave will do nicely)
Spread each slice thinly with butter and rather more generously with mayonnaise.
Wash and dry the lettuce and lay the leaves on the bread slices.
(Do not chop the lettuce)
Lay 2 of the rashers on each of the 4 slices of bread.
Thinly slice the tomatoes and put one sliced tomato on the rashers.
Season the tomatoes with Black Pepper and a sprinkle of balsamic.
Cover with the other slice and the lettuce.
Press well together and cut in two with a sharp knife.

Open Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish Sandwiches
(Makes 8 to 10 Sandwiches)

2 fillets Smoked Mackerel
1 small Onion finely chopped.
60g (2 oz. butter.)
Juice of half a lemon
Black Pepper
2 teaspoons Horseradish Cream
Some Cress
Sliced Brown wholemeal loaf
In a small pot cook the chopped onion in the butter on a gentle heat for 10 mts. until soft.
Separate the fish into flakes, feeling through it very carefully for bones.
Stir the softened onion and the butter and the lemon juice into the flaked fish,add the horsseradish and then work the mixture into a rough paste using two forks.Season with the pepper.

Bring this spread with some knives to the picnic and the guests can make their own open sandwiches and sprinkle over the cress for a crunch.
Some more sandwich ideas:

Diced Smoked Salmon with shopped cucumber on brown Bread
Devilled Egg;
Chopped Hardboiled Eggs mixed together with a little mayonnaise and a very little mild curry paste.Add some chopped crisp lettuce.

Corned Beef
Chop the beef and mix it with some fromage frais and some English Mustard.
Spread on French Bread and put some Lambs Lettuce on top.

April 14, 2006 09:12 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef