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Italian Fresh Tomato Soup

1 kg (2 lbs) Ripe Tomatoes
2 Large Onions
3 Cloves Garlic
2 Tablespoons Olive oil
1 bunch fresh Basil (chopped)
600 ml (1 Pint) Chicken Stock

First you neet to skin the tomatoes.
Put these into a bowl in the sink and pour over a kettle full of boiling water.
Immediately pour on cold water and then the skins should slip off.

Peel and finely chop the onion and the garlic.
Put these in a pot with the olive oil and cook gently until they are soft.
Then chop the skinned tomatoes into fine dice, (you can discard the tough core at the stem) and put these and their pips and juice into the Onion mixture.
Season these now with salt pepper and a little sugar.
Cook these for five minutes more only.
Sprinkle in the chopped basil and bring back to the heat.
This way the flavour of the tomatoes and the basil is retained and the soup tastes very fresh.
Do not liquidize or sieve but serve straight away.

September 11, 2006 11:50 AM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef