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Courgette Cakes with Dill

450g (1 lb) Courgettes
1 Medium Onion
Olive Oil
1 Fat clove Garlic
3 tablespoons flour
1 Large Egg
100g (4 oz.) Cheddar Cheese
1 bunch Dill, finely chopped

Grate the courgettes coarsely, put them in a collander or a sieve sprinkled with salt and let them drain for about an hour.

Chop the onions finely and sweat them in olive oil on low heat in a lidded pan for about 15 minutes until they are soft .

Gently squeeze the courgette dry and add to the pan with the chopped dill and the finely chopped garlic and cook for another few minutes until they start to colour.
Stir in the flour and stir in and cook for one minute then tip the mixture into a bowl.
Finely chop the cheese and add this and the egg to the courgettes .

Heat some olive oil in a large pan and grop spoonfuls of this mixture into the pan.
Turn these carefully to brown both sides.
Lift out carefully when brown on both sides and drain.
Serve these hot with mayonnaise or chutney

July 2, 2007 07:15 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef