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Pan Roasted Lemon Chicken

(for 4)

4 Full Chicken Legs (Drumsticks and Thighs)
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Teaspoon Chopped Rosemary
Teaspoon Chopped Thyme
Three chopped Cloves garlic
Salt and pepper
1 Glass White wine
Juice 1 Lemon
1 Tablespoon Butter

Cut the legs into thigh and drumstick and brown in the pan.
Add the herbs, garlic and wine to the pan, cover and let them simmer together gently until the chicken is cooked through and tender. (about 30 mts)

Now light the grill and stick the pan under the grill to brown the skin of the chicken.

Take the chicken out of the pan and keep warm.
Put the pan back on the heat, pour in the lemon juice and whisk in the tablespoon of butter.

Serve the chicken with rice or potatoes and pour over the lemon sauce at the last moment.
Cooked like this the lemon retains all its zestiness.

June 2, 2009 04:26 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef