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Honey Roast Chicken with Ginger and Orange

(for 4)

1 Large Chicken
2 Large Oranges
1 Thumb (100g,3 oz.) piece Root Ginger
1 tbs. Sunflower Oil
1 tbs. Honey
1 glass Wine (red or white)

Set the oven to 200 C, 400 F, Gas 6.
Cut the 2 oranges into quarters and stuff the chicken with 6 of these reserving two for the sauce.
Cut a half of the ginger root and crush lightly with a pestle or a heavy knife (no need to chop it as this is just to allow it to release its juices).Stuff this in the chicken with the orange quarters.
Rub the chicken with the sunflower oil and place on one breast in a roasting tin and put it into the pre heated oven .It must be upside down as the whole point of the dish is the orange and ginger will subtly flavour the chicken as it cooks.,also make sure the roasting tin isn't too large as if it is the juices from the bird will burn off.
Cook at the set temperature for 20 mts, then change on to the other breast and cook for a further 20 minutes.
Then turn it on its back, breast side up and then reduce the temperature to 150 C,300 F, Gas 2,
Chop the remaining half of the ginger roughly (no need to peel) and put this and the juice of the remaining quarters of orange and the glass of wine in the
roasting tin with the chicken, now paint the breast with the tablespoon of honey and cook for a further twenty minutes or longer.

Test after 20 minutes to make sure it is cooked through and if the breast is browning too much cover with a dome of tinfoil- if the liquid in the cooking dish dries out add some water.
Take the bird out of the oven now and leave it to rest while you make the sauce.
Spoon off any obvious fat from the top of the pan juices and discard.If necessary add some water to the pan juices to make up to a half pint or so.
Put this back on the heat and bring to the boil stirring well with a spoon to dissolve any juices that may have caramelized on the bottom.
Strain this into a heated jug, carve the chicken as normal and serve the sauce seperately.

(If you quarter some large unpeeled potatoes and paint them with a very little sunflower oil and put them on a seperate baking sheet and cook them at the same time and at the same heat they will be ready to serve with the chicken.)

November 9, 2009 11:49 AM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef