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(How I never met) Paul Newman
September 29, 2008
11:48 AM

(How I never met) Paul Newman

In the early seventies when I worked in Snaffles in a basement in Leeson St in Dublin where we used to have a fairly ritzy clientele. Film stars on the prowl often ended making it down the stairs and ringing the bell to get in.

A fairly frequent customer was the director John Huston, often accompanied by his little daughter Angelica.

One morning, during the filming of Macintosh Man in Ireland John Huston rang and booked lunch.
He asked for a quiet table as he was bringing Paul Newman, and booked it for the latest possible time, 2.00, as they were filming in the morning.

There was consternation in Snaffles.

Paul Newman was the biggest star of the time.

We waited until 2.00, 2.15... no sign.
Then the phone rang.

John Huston on the line; "Sorry we didn't make it but I guess you were closed, I sent Mr. Newman down but he couldn't get in"
John, the head waiter, asked him "Did Mr. Newman ring the bell ?"
"Ah Shit !" said Mr Huston, "I forgot to tell him to do that"

That was how I never met Paul Newman.

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