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Traditional Barmbrack

(for 2x two pound loaf tins)

900g (2 lbs) Strong White Flour
1 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
1 Teaspoon Ground Allspice
2x 7g Sachets dried yeast
˝ Teaspoon freshly Ground Nutmeg
˝ Teaspoon Salt
175g (6 oz) Light Brown Sugar
60g (2 oz.) Melted Butter
600ml (1 pint) Warm Milk
2 Large Eggs
700g (1 ˝ lbs) Raisins (or Currants and Sultanas)
225 g (8 oz.) Chopped dates
110g (4 oz.) Chopped walnuts

Put the flour, yeast, spices, salt and sugar in a large bowl.
Add the eggs, melted butter and warm milk.
Mix together well in the bowl and when the mixture starts to hold together turn out on top a well floured table top and knead for about 5 minutes.
Put the dough back in the bowl scatter over the fruit and nuts and knead the fruit into the dough in the bowl, and when well mixed, on the floured table again.
Divide in two and put into two well buttered two pound loaf tins and put into a warm place for at least an hour until well risen over the top of the tin.
Pre heat the oven to Gas 3, 160C, 325 F
Cook the bread at this temperature for 50 mts to one hour.
Shake carefully out of the tin, the bottom should sound hollow when knocked.
When it is cool brush the tops with a tbs. of melted honey and put back in the oven for 5 mts. to glaze.
At the same time as you add the fruit at Halloween you can add (carefully wrapped in twists of grease proof paper)
A ring –marriage
A pea- poverty
A stick- to beat your partner
A Coin- wealth
A rag, the cloth: religious life

Traditionally served buttered like bread it keeps well, freezes well and makes delicious toast

April 14, 2006 09:12 PM | 0 Comments
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef