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Dwyers by Eorna Walton

Dwyers of Mary Street ran for 15 years from 1989 to 2004 in its backstreet location in an old RIC barracks in Waterford City.

In 1989 when the restaurant opened Mary Street was recognised as a very run down area but the Dwyers needed space for both a family home and a restaurant with a central location and with the premises at No 8 fitting all these bills, they eventually prevailed on the banks to let them give it a try.
It wasn't particularly easy but thanks to an early entry in "The Good Food Guide" and excellent reviews in papers like The Irish Times & The Tribune - and particularly by the enthusiastic reception by the good people of Waterford it quite quickly became successful.

Over the years, despite its backstreet location, Dwyers managed to attract such luminaries as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Drew Barrymore and Jean Kennedy-Smith to its tables.

Dwyers Restaurant Interior
Living in 8 Mary Street
The restaurant met with continued success and even after 14 years of work in the kitchen in 2003 in the "Time Out" guide, John Mc Kenna said of Martins cooking that "the fleetness of flavour seems more like the work of a kid newly intoxicated by the possibilities of cheffing". Not bad for an old fellow!

The restaurant was purchased by Guy Kelner in 2004.
  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef