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Donnadieu's Wine - revisited
September 03, 2015
03:48 PM

Donnadieu's Wine - revisited

As we drove back last week from a trip to Les Gorges d'Heric I caught a glimpse of Madame Donnadieu's establishment and determined to find the endearing poem - still just about legible nine years later- which I had written about nine years ago.

"On the way up to the Monts d'Espinousse from Thezan we pass the village of Vieussan.
Just close to the village is Jean Donnadieu's vinyard.
Madame Donnadieu always keeps a little table on the road by their house where she not only sells her husband's wine but also various conserves and jams which she makes herself.
She makes a very good Pate de Coing (Quince Paste) and a delicate Violet Jam as well as some more run of the mill Apricot and Plum varieties. (She also makes some jam from the Arbutus Tree which grows wild in the hills here).
We took to stopping to replenish our stocks as we passed her.

Behind Madame's table there is an old wine cask built into the wall and on that someone has daubed an advertising slogan;

Pour être heureux,
Pour vivre vieux,
Buvez du vin
De Jean Donnedieu.

This I have translated as;

To live a life, long happy and fine
Always drink
Jean Donnedieu’s wine.

You could do worse!"

Bringing the Yearlings Home
03:38 PM

Bringing the Yearlings Home

Dublin August 15 015 (200x133).jpg

Brought these stars back to Dublin from the Languedoc last week.
Great time was had by all.

Chandelier in Dublin Castle
03:35 PM

Chandelier in Dublin Castle

Dublin August 15 020 (640x586).jpg

Singing in the Rain
August 23, 2015
01:33 PM

Singing in the Rain

singing (620x640).jpg

The Boys Are Back in Town
August 20, 2015
03:11 PM

The Boys Are Back in Town

Boys 001 (640x426).jpg

  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef