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Ten years ago today.
May 26, 2015
10:02 AM

Ten years ago today.

This was my blog entry exactly ten years ago.
Strange to think that it is only ten years since I went digital.

As I already mentioned I got myself my first Digital Camera last week and having spent the week snapping everything I have taken the first picture that I like.
This is a Hibiscus that our friend Finola gave us last year.
Because Sile has amazing green fingers it seems to spend most of its time in flower.
The camera has a little button with a flower on it which I pressed before I took the photo. Caitriona tells me this is the macro setting.
The camera is a Cannon Sureshot and I bought it from Amazon because it was cheapest there.

Le Temps des Cerises
May 21, 2015
01:26 PM

Le Temps des Cerises

tdec (640x544).jpg

Happy Birthday Clive Nunn
May 20, 2015
12:17 PM

Happy Birthday Clive Nunn

Our great friend designer and furniture maker Clive Nunn from Thomastown is celebrating his 70th birthday today.

I decided to show some of the beautiful things which he has designed and made for us over the years ;-

From the Limestone Table in 1989

To the Lustre of Tundishes just last October.

Thank you Clive- keep up the good work.

CNN 006 (426x640).jpg

CNN 001 (426x640).jpg

CNN 005 (640x426).jpg

CNN 008 (426x640).jpg

CNN 009 (640x426).jpg

CNN 007 (426x640).jpg

The Mill Ballyduff
May 19, 2015
05:59 PM

The Mill Ballyduff

This is home to our great friends Clive and Sue Nunn.

Irelandmay15 001 (426x640).jpg

Irelandmay15 003 (640x426).jpg

Irelandmay15 005 (640x426).jpg

Irelandmay15 006 (640x426).jpg

Irelandmay15 013 (426x640).jpg

Irelandmay15 017 (640x426).jpg

Irelandmay15 031 (426x640).jpg

Irelandmay15 044 (640x480).jpg

Irelandmay15 051 (426x640).jpg

Ruadhán, heading for the stream.
03:29 PM

Ruadhán, heading for the stream.

Irelandmay15 004 (547x640).jpg

  Martin Dwyer
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