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It might as well be Spring.
April 10, 2018
10:35 AM

It might as well be Spring.

Tce (600x800).jpg

Spring is slow in coming to the Languedoc this year, coming in fits and starts but I can forgive all when we are granted a peach of a day like today.
Even the vine knows summer is coming.

All Together Again
April 09, 2018
09:25 AM

All Together Again

Family Second Shot.jpg

Thanks to Eileen and Phil making a surprise visit we were all together for Easter.

06:34 AM


For the last three or four weeks Síle and I have been taking a daily stroll down the valley road, then through the vines, up around the cemetery and home. One of the reasons this route was picked was because it is littered with convenient benches where I could (and did) take breathers. Today for the first time I felt healthy enough to pass the benches without stopping. While I was congratulating myself on this a car stopped by us, it was one of the village nurses who had taken such good care of me for the first few weeks after hospital.
"Ca Va ?" he enquired.
I answered truthfully ( if a little ungramatically) "Je suis Top !".
He grinned and drove on.

Truth is that I am truly feeling great, marvellous feeling after six weeks of being under the weather.

Ippy Dippy Dation, My Operation 2
April 06, 2018
10:20 AM

Ippy Dippy Dation, My Operation 2

For the non squeamish among you I now, as promised, bring you up to date with my recent medical history. The squeamish or modest among you may turn your heads away.

Ippy Dippy Dation, My Operation 2
It is now just six weeks since I left hospital after my various operations so for anyone who is interested here is the continuing saga.
I had developed an infection in my kidneys from operation one on the prostate which had led to operation two and a drain to my back from the kidneys which Dr.S told me he would remove in his surgery six weeks later.
In the meantime I was home under the care of the local nurses (three very competent men) who visited every day to change dressings and generally keep an eye.
I must confess to not feeling great, the energy levels were at a low ebb, it turned out that I was suffering from another urine infection for which I was prescribed another antibiotic so it was hard to tell whether the lack of form was post operation or caused by the infection or the antibiotic.
However after about two weeks the energy levels started to rise and I started to do a short daily walk without exhaustion- just as well really as most of our family, two daughters, their partners and our two grandsons were arriving for Easter for a long planned holiday.
Strangely it was while they were here with us that I began to feel fully healthy again, and my appetite and sleep patterns began to return to normal.
So family Easter was great, middle daughter Eileen and partner Phil managed to do an unscheduled week-end visit so we were all together for the holiday.
I was aware however that there was still one final act to be performed. The removal of the drain from my kidneys which was scheduled to happen yesterday in Dr. S.’s surgery.
Rather to my surprise I was called from the waiting room there not by Dr.S but by a nurse who brought me to a small consulting room where she asked me to remove my trousers and unders- again a little to my surprise as I imagined that the drain was going to be removed from my back where it had had its outlet (now healed over). Her next actions surprised me even more as she proceeded to wash my penis with sterilizing swabs, and further injected the same long suffering member with a gel and furthermore sealed off the top with what was the first cousin of a clothes peg.
Then she abandoned me for about fifteen minutes.
Not that I was completely alone, various nurses passed through the room from time to time, all had a friendly greeting and three weeks of urology have completely destroyed the Dwyer modesty so that I felt not a whit of shame at being abandoned on my back for all to see with a clothes peg on my willy.
Next arrival was Dr. S himself, who took off the clothes peg, and proceeded to take out of its sterile bath a long black complicated tube which I was to discover was in fact a camera.
It was then that I realised that in fact the probe was not going to come out through my back but through another orifice altogether.
It was then when I also realised that the gel which the nurse had inserted into my penis was anaesthetic as I felt absolutely no pain as the camera proceeded to make its way to my kidneys. The screen which Dr.S was using to guide his work was directly above my bed so I had a total and fascinating view of the cameras journey. Eventually they came upon the probe which the camera was cleverly able to attach to itself and the camera and probe was gently and painlessly pulled out. I can’t remember ever having been as fascinated as I was with the show.
Dr.S was content with the process, told me to comeback in three months for a check-up and that he was putting me on a preventative antibiotic as a precaution for the next two weeks.

Cheese Soufflé for two.
March 13, 2018
10:02 PM

Cheese Soufflé for two.

Souffle for two (800x600).jpg

  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef