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Síle's Operation
November 27, 2014
06:32 AM

Síle's Operation

And so the day has finally come and, after some delays, I will finally bring Síle into the clinic in Columbieres to have her new knee.
It is quite a hefty operation, rather more difficult than having a hip done so we are both quite apprehensive.
The procedure will be tomorrow and she will then stay in the clinic for a further six days before coming home at the end of next week.
Keep tuned in for progress reports.

Day Twelve
November 25, 2014
03:33 PM

Day Twelve

And so, slowly, the cour/dump slouches towards becoming a Loggia*

* A loggia is an architectural feature which is a covered exterior gallery. The outer wall is open to the elements.Loggias are not meant for entrance but as an out-of-door sitting room.

Day Twelve 001 (640x426).jpg

And on the Seventh Day
November 21, 2014
07:24 AM

And on the Seventh Day

All Gone.

Day Seven 001 (640x426).jpg

The Fifth Day of Destruction
November 18, 2014
04:50 PM

The Fifth Day of Destruction

Cellar Day 5 005 (424x640).jpg

And so three quarters of my beautiful terrace has been destroyed

Cellar Day 5 018 (640x426).jpg

Exposing the Cour to the light of day for the first time in god knows how long.

Cellar Day 5 019 (426x640).jpg

And so, in the light of day, the door into the cave looks its age. You realise that this is the original medieval foundation of the house, its massive stones standing there probably for 800 years.

Cellar Day 5 011 (640x426).jpg

But, standing on the last quarter standing of the terrace the sun gives us something to take our mind off the grey dust below.

Me and Me Big Sister
November 17, 2014
09:49 PM

Me and Me Big Sister

D and Me.jpg

This was probably taken in or around Derrynane in or around 1956 (a mere 59 years ago) Of me and my eldest sister D. God knows where my nephew in law Eugene unearthed it from !

Later Word.

Eugene tells me it is dated 1955 in the album, now I do remember that this was the summer of the heatwave and we were staying in the hotel in Glenbeigh so that means it was probably not Derrynane but Rossbehy, although I still think it looks more like the former- and that beach wasn't too far away. But what amazes me about the picture is that, despite the bare feet, we were dressed so formally, D with a matching bolero on her sun dress and me in a tie for god's sake, Síle suggests we weree coming back from mass of a sunday but In Bare Feet !
But what the picture does reinstate was that D and I were always an alliance, even though we were the bookends of the seven children, with nine years between us, we always formed a band of two against all comers- and still do!

  Martin Dwyer
Consultant Chef